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USES FOR GRAZOPH TEMUNA - Naturally Cures Alzheimer's or dementia

An individual's colon must be mostly clear, and there can be almost no alcohol in system, then Grazoph Temuna has worked every time so far. By removing toxic metals and plaques from the brain and body the Grazoph treatment tends to accomplish the following:
  • sharpens hearing and memory in young people and keeps them alert for classroom learning.
  • This herbal medicine clears or lightens some facial and skin blemishes (such as liver spots) accumulated in aging.
  • increases immunity to pesticides and nerve gases.
  • Naturally cures dementia that causes tendency to habitual gambling.
  • clears brain of dementias that cause anger and lead to yelling and violence.
  • eliminates stresses caused by dust and metals in brain.
  • clears brain of dust (cause of sleepiness), aluminum (forgetfullness, deafness), mercury (craziness), lead (stupidity), gold (itching), uranium and radium (ponderousness).
  • prevents preventable plaques-caused blindness and deafness.
  • creates a barrier to prevent harm from nerve gases.
  • restores certain brain cells that enable interpretation of sight, sound and smell.
  • clears brain of placques formed by metals or dust that potentially cause Alzheimer's diseases.
  • clears body of contaminents like printers' inks and diesel fuel.
  • helps joints and clears some rheumatoid arthritis and some other elements of aging.
  • This natural herb helps to cleans sweat pores that have been clogged.
  • reenables sexual function that has been damaged by drugs.
  • treats that which is often called "detached retina" of eye
  • This natural herb removes dust-caused abnormal pathologic psychologic states.
  • reduces tendency to stroke by clearing brain veins and arteries of dust contaminents.
  • clears dried blood from the inside of the body that resulted from broken capillaries; may end headaches caused by broken capillaries in brain.
  • washes out silver nitrides that found way to brain through darkroom photodevelopment usages.
  • saves victims of Mad Cow Disease (Creutzfeld-Jakob Disease) if applied in time.

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