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Grazoph Temuna - A Natural Herb for Alzheimer's Dementia Diseases

What is Grazoph Temuna?
Grazoph Temuna is a unique propriety combination of safe, off-the-shelf, dried and ground herbs.

What does Grazoph Temuna do?
Grazoph Temuna clears various contaminants from the brain and body including heavy metals and the plaques that cause Alzheimer's disease.

How does Grazoph work?
The herbal combination reacts with spirulina to induce one's body to produce various enzymes. These natural enzymes do the work.

What would be the typical treatment regime for an elderly person with Alzheimer's?
The first part of the treatment involves colon cleansing to enable sufficient absorption of the spirulina in the large intestine. Either a good quality herbal colon cleansing product or a colonic irrigation or two is required for most older people. A month of herbal colon cleansing is typically required before starting the Grazoph treatment. Then 3 grams (very weak) or seven grams (typical) or more for very heart-healthy grams of Grazoph are consumed. The first time the Grazoph and spirulina are consumed, approximately eight hours later one needs to take the MIGRA-NOT to conclude the Grazoph application.

Are there any side effects or drug interactions with Grazoph?
Grazoph is a herbal medicine which is quite safe and may be taken even when a user is heavily medicated. However, Grazoph is known to react with the Azmacort inhaler and in larger amounts the MIGRA-NOT can wash certain psychiatric drugs out of one's system allowing the user to temporarily experience withdrawal symptoms.

What would cause Grazoph not to react?
First and foremost, one needs a clean large intestine. We recommend Jim's Colon Pills and Jim's Colon Cleanse available at www.jimscolonpills.com. Mannatech also has a good colon cleansing product with its MannaCleanse. Second, the user must restrain from alcohol the day before and during the Grazoph reaction. Third, a few users may lack the ability to create all the enzymes and require a special Grazoph formulation.

How can I obtain Grazoph?
Visit our order page. If you would like to apply for a free Grazoph herbal treatment in exchange for documenting its effectiveness go here.

How can I invest in Grazoph/Healing Reactions?
See our investor page.

GRAZOPH TEMUNA Antidemential Dissimulator
tgarto polterak

Our theory, backed up by observation and proven by success after success, is that Grazoph Temuna herbal neutraceutical acts to trigger release of appropriate enzymes from inner organs, inducing action of the heart and kidneys, stimulates the opening of the immune system's library of memory brain cell scrubbing compounds. There is ample anecdotal information to prove that use of this combination of healing natural herbs provides relief from results of

  1. insecticides, lead, aluminum silver, gold, selenium, mercury, cadmium, strontium, cesium, and
  2. many kinds of inorganic dust including probably nerve gases, and helps prevent most kinds of Alzheimer's diseases and
  3. eliminates discomforts resulting from dust inhalation.
As people age they accumulate toxins throughout the body. The brain especially is suceptable to damage caused by toxins. People who work in dusty and dirty environments, particularly welders and miners, or who are exposed to certain metals can get Alzheimer's (aluminum) and mercury dementias or just find that their mind and memory are not as sharp.

Toxic plaques can form on brain cells just as plaque forms on teeth. Just as if one does not brush one's teeth, the teeth decay from plaques, so do brain and sensory nerve cells. Our product naturally helps the body clean away the plaques of dust and metals that can cause Alzheimer's and dementias.

We do not claim to cure Alzheimer's or dementias, only that a natural enzyme bath promoted by this product enables the body to naturally clear metals and dust from the brain.


The primary formulas that the body uses to create an enzyme to clean the brain are seen to reside in the heart. When asked about the functions of the heart, the standard doctor or internist will refer to the usual muscle work associated with the heart. Go to a medical school of today and ask, "Where is the heart immunology section?" and one will find no index listing. Our theory is that Grazoph enables the immunology-substance production facility of the heart to engage in the construction of orange enzyme heart immunosubstance Karribatakoe to clean the brain.

Grazoph reactions give rise to many natural enzymes, these are the main three:
  1. Karribatakoe, orange enzyme produced by heart
  2. Dtwel Makandtexdopho, a not-blue enzyme produced by the lungs (this not-blue keeps us clear of the blue color abnormal state)
  3. Corestophiletanzika, yellow enzyme produced by the liver
Enzymes elicited by Grazoph Temuna and its carrier substances has a positive effect in removing these metals from the brain. MIGRA-NOT is most necessary in helping the body get rid of the heavy metals after Grazoph treatment.

The primary work of Grazoph Temuna is to induce the production of these enzymes by the inner organs. There may be as many as 20 different enzymes, depending on what herbs are in the formula. For example, the presence of Black Haw Bark in Grazoph enables the kidney to add a red enzyme to the mix.

Karribatakoe comes from the heart to wash out particles that are shorting out neurons, causing simulation. Simulation means that everything becomes the same, no difference, and thus signals cannot be distinguished. These enzymes lift metals, dusts and other contaminants off neurons, and then the recommended post treatment, MIGRA-NOT, carries them out to the elimination areas of the body.

Some people are unable to produce one or another of these enzymes, so there are three special formulas that make up for their body's inability to produce one or another of the three. For example, those who cannot produce Corestophiletanzika have a very red complexion. There are three special versions of Grazoph Temuna, one each for those who lack the ability to produce one of the three enzymes. The version of Grazoph that is applied to those who lack Corestophiletanzika, yellow liver enzyme, contains abundant yarrow flower, extra hibiscus and glenia root.

This is a photo of the ingredients before grinding
of low-notblue-enzyme Grazoph Temuna:
Natural Herbs for Alzheimer's Dementia Diseases


The forest of memory cells in the brain becomes short circuited by small amounts of aluminum which may catch in these cells. Memory and hearing braincells are electromagnetically attractive to metal particles in the body. Aluminum arrives in the brain from inhaling or ingesting. Eating from aluminum pots and pans is a chief cause in the USA. Aluminum may even get into the body through one's ears or skin or hair. Aluminum causes forgetfulness.

Mercury can be breathed in, this is most common, especially among dentists who work sometimes in an air of mercury vaporized as amalgam fillings are drilled out. Mercury gives rise to various dementias, for example, the feeling of "I've got to get out of here!". Thus, dentists have the highest suicide rate of any profession.

Lead in the brain is seen to cause a lowering of intelligence.

Uranium in the brain is not uncommon in people who live in New Mexico and other places where nuclear testing has been conducted. Uranium and other radioactive elements in the brain causes ponderousness.


Really great sex is the natural way to produce Karribatakoe orange enzyme. Old people who have had happy marriages or other sexual relationships for their lifetime create enough orange enzyme to clear the brain of contaminents. Its mainly the never-were-happy people who are ending up with a silver-white coloration of dust and aluminum accumulations and they are going to the Alzheimer's homes. Grazoph Temuna generally provides the natural biochemical means of producing orange enzyme to clear aluminum and other dust contaminents; sex is the biological means producing orange enzyme. That is why most people love Grazoph.


EMERGENCY USE: If you have breathed in toxic substances or slept in a dusty place, Antidemential Dissimulator is an emergency treatment that may save your life.

GENERAL AWARENESS: This product improves attention and increases mental performance with regular tasks. Very useful for students trying to concentrate on their studies and remember what was read. Helps factory workers have fewer accidents.

ALZHEIMER'S EFFECTS: As Alzheimer's Disease is oversimulation, things becoming all the same, this substance is a great dis-simulator. Cleaning one's braincells is as necessary as cleaning ones' teeth: if you don't clean your teeth, they rot, same with braincells. When the teeth are cleaned, the rotting stops. The sooner you clean, the less damage there is.

PREVENTATIVE: Helps prevent many forms of dementias from taking hold. This is a herbal medicine for certain Alzheimer's Dementia diseases. We theorize that Grazoph Temuna antidemential dissimulator may be very helpful for preventing Pick's Disease and Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, and to a lesser extent Multi-Infarct Dementia. Is thought to work also to relieve azotemia, bactremia, cellulitis, sinsusitis and post-ictal state. Creuzfeldt-Jacob is evidently the fast production of a lot of contaminents that overwhelm the brain and nervous system; we observe that Grazoph enzyme productions hang up the production of the contaminents and washes clean the residues.

FEAR STATES: In the cases of certain persons have stuck with partically (that is, caused by having stuck particles in the physical brain) induced fear or other pathological state that can actually be eliminated with this treatment, and the mendicant awakens to a new reality.

INTRA - BRAIN - CELLULAR DRUG REMNANT AND WASTE ELIMINATION IN GENERAL: We theorize that Grazoph Temuna removes the remnants of mercury poisoning, some synthetic drugs, certain insecticides and nerve gases, dusts, and other kinds of contaminants.

CRIMINAL HOSTILITY: Much of the anger that causes domestic violence, rage, and hostilities can be traced to contaminents in the brain leading to habitual negative thinking. A good dose of Grazoph can reenlivened the brains of the anger sufferers and can help them overcome their previous behavior.

Read reports from GRAZOPH users as evidence of what is stated here.


Grazoph Temuna contains: Lilyturf Root, Golden Tread Rhizome, Jobs Tears Seeds, and Wild Jujuba Seeds.
This formula is all natural and contains no sodium salt, no artificial chemicals, and no synthetic or unnatural substances . These materials are considered food and not drugs and one can partly sustain existence by its nourishing attributes.

High potency spirulina, a single celled blue-green algae required to be taken with the Grazoph Temuna, acts as a neutral agent to reduce aluminum and other contaminents. Spirulina, a chlorophyl containing superfood like wheat grass, absorbs some metals, but can only cleanse the body to a limited extent by itself. Jobs Tears seed and Wild Jujuba seed initiates a wild reaction of enzyme production with the spirulina. Golden Tread rhizome moderates the wild reaction of enzyme release. Lilyturf Root enables the body to furnish greater assistance. Lilyturf Root signals intracellular organisms to not interfere, that this is a normal healing process.

Fenugreek seeds and peach kernel may be added for additional safety factors along with Yarrow flower which plays a role in production of the yellow liver enzyme.

This Grazoph combination of herbs, roots, seeds and other materials incites cascading natural processes to help wash out the aluminum, and the spirulina bundles it into a reduction packet, taken off the braincells. When the MIGRA-NOT post treatment arrives in the body, it calls a stop to action and carries the reduction packets to areas of elimination.

In a special formula for those who have been exposed to excessive printer's ink, agrimony is added to help in cutting through accumulated coatings to get at the rogue aluminum and enables its slowed release in time. Agrimony is also a glue between the team members.


Grazoph works well when mixed with citrus fruit juice especially orange, grapefruit, or lime juice. It is necessary to take spirulina at the same time as the Grazoph for reaction to occur. Grazoph, spirulina and MIGRA-NOT are included in each Power Pack. The Power Pack contains 3 grams of Grazoph Temuna herbal powder, a standard dose.

Vitamin C Megadose is helpful to prepare those with depressed immune systems. Grazoph does not mix well with dairy products.

If there is alcohol in the body, the Antidemential Dissimulator reaction is suppressed. Fermentation in the large intestine is the enemy of the reaction. An alcoholic or person who consumes alcohol almost every day will require at least a few days to clear alcohol from his or her system before attempting Grazoph treatment.

Colon cleansing (water oblation and/or herbal formulas) is suggested if colon is dirty, and colon cleansing is vital if colon is clogged. A clogged colon cannot process spirulina, and if it is clogged enough, no Grazoph reaction can occur.

For colon cleansers see:


If one continues to be exposed to toxic metals and dusts, such as aluminum welders, coal miners, or dentists working with mercury, it may be necessary to take more often. In general one should take Grazoph Temuna until it has no effect. That is the point when all contaminents have been washed clean.


The Grazoph Temuna reaction will stir up toxins from the brain and body, and additional treatment is usually necessary to ensure that these toxins are removed from the body and not redeposited. MIGRA-NOT is based on reishi mushroom. MIGRA-NOT is taken anytime after Antidemential Dissimulator to stop the process. Unusual sleepiness or sleeplessness is a sign that one needs MIGRA-NOT.

Brain restoratives such as Ginko Biloba, Gotu Kola, Ginseng, and NONI (Moraga) can be taken later.


Regular exercise will increase its rate for release and usage in the body. Highest absorption will be accomplished by a one-day fast prior to ingestion. Those in good health can use this Antidemential Dissimulator as often as necessary.

We've been finding that when a person is in need of 12 grams or more of GRAZOPH then they also need practitioner help in taking it. Braindusts are a kind of dirt that do not want to be washed off.

Grazoph Temuna can be used by many animals. OFFER SOME TO A GOOD DOG, and they'll show you how vitally useful Antidemential Dissimulator is to an animal organism. Dogs are the biggest users of Antidemential Dissimulator. We have yet to meet a dog who does not love Grazoph Temuna . This is because their nose is a big brain, and it frequently is in contact with dust. Dogs love the clarity that orange heart enzyme brings to senses of hearing and smell.


In general this product is intended primarily for practioner use, although many are capable of self- practice. Therefore HEALING REACTIONS disclaims any responsibility for healing formulae taken without due consultation. Use these formulae at your sole discretion and liability. None of the information provided should be construed as medical advice.

In order to make progress in removing contaminents be permanent from the Antidemential Dissimulator experience, following with MIGRA-NOT is vital. The results of Antidemential Dissimulator are a poison, uplifted contaminants cleaned from the brain, that could fall back if the MIGRA-NOT is not taken, or is not taken in adequate amounts.

Not using MIGRA-NOT after using a large amount of Grazoph Temuna may even leave one with a slightly green complexion for weeks.

One should not eat more than a few grams of additional jobs tears seeds about the time one uses Grazoph Temuna , or it may create a wild reaction. Wild reactions may be dangerous to the very obese, those with weak hearts, and those with weak immune systems, and may cause unnecessary temporary discomfort. If you want to maximize the Antidemential Dissimulator reactions, you may get good results by using additional spirulina and Grazoph Temuna.

This product will not necessarily help the hearing, but hearing will improve where affected memory cells that resonate with the hearing are cleaned by the process. Will not restore hearing damage due to exposure to prolonged loud sounds. Will not bring dead nerve cells back to life, but used properly, as directed, it can clean off slimey placques that are choking brain cells.

We don't promise return of your lost memories of the past, only that you may remember in the future. In this sense, braincells are like teeth - plaque accumulates, causing decay. When the decay-causing placques are removed, decay stops. If damages have been done by decay, the cleaning process will not restore them. However, ongoing damages an ensuing senselessness is terminated.

Grazoph Temuna Antidemential Dissimulator will not restore memory loss due to normal aging process, which is 50% in some persons of advanced age. There may be many causes for loss of memory, not only rogue aluminum particles.

Use of this formula may result in uncomfortable anti-dementia in the few cases where the brain has a false reality stuck in place. But afterwards, most people who were once really demented, ask themselves, "What's so bad about feeling good?"

If results are not obtained after the first few uses, your problem may be clogged large intestine. Healthy ability of the colon to absorb these materials is a key factor in its abilities to cause healing. This product contains no colon cleanser.

Grazoph Temuna may wash old drug remnants into the urinary tract after use, thus a former drug user may register a false positive if drug tested too soon after Grazoph treatment.




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