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Founder's Statement

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Since May 2001

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When I was 41 I had Alzheimer's. I got it from eating and cooking out of an aluminum pan – 15 years previously. I couldn't remember who I was nor what I was about.

Fortunately for me, I am a straight A student in Esoteric School. I had a real Teacher who taught me to remember myself and Transform Negative Emotions. I was in that School, the Fellowship of Friends, for 9 years and three months and I worked in the Vineyard.

Then came the thing that really woke me up. The manhunt, http://www.ellesys2.com/babylon-job, by the IMF came to Ann Arbor to find out who was subverting the dominant paradigm of TAX AND WAR, insect hearted economics. I soon after replaced THE UNSEEN MODEL as TDRR of this planet.

The manhunt of 1999, which had like 35,000 agents at its peak, searching for what they knew not, made me remember myself very intensively such that I could tell psychically when one of their agents was on a particular block of Ann Arbor and not to go there. Nostradamus predicted all this, as he was predicting the internet, the computer on the net he called “Autonne”. I threw down the secret jails of the IMF and put an end to their carte blanche.

With my newfound level of consciousness
I went to the herb store up the hill. Using guidance of the Spirits, I selected Jobs Tears Seeds, Spirulina, and four other ingredients. This instantly cured my Alzheimer's. Since that time I have been able to cure many other diseases, the same way, spirit guided. I also produce Personal Spectral Formulas, which put a body in top order.

I took my product into the University of Michigan's top Neurological Doctor. He told me I would need to pay for a study to prove it works. Otherwise he was not interested. Then I went into FLEETWOOD DINER and began to cure cases of dementia, particle contamination, and dullness. And I've been doing it ever since.

The Alzheimer's charities are all murderers for refusing to recognize and try Grazoph Temuna since it came out in 1999.

Please don't let the next section scare you away. It is put there because 83,000 Doctors lost their souls for misjudging EXPelliT. This section is in here to give them a chance to get their souls back.

DOCTORS BEWARE: If you prevent your patients from using EXPELLIT, either by false authority or downright lying, the our company will help them sue you later.

If you are dealing with a case of Alzheimer's, and you go away from this website without ordering some Grazoph Temuna, then dementia wins, and you have chosen brain damage and death over healing. Dementia does not want Grazoph Temuna, because Grazoph Temuna washes out dementia.

LOSERS who think that Grazoph does not work, generally die of Alzheimer's.

DOCTORS have given a rough reception to EXPELLIT (grazoph temuna)and many have rejected it without even trying it, without talking to anyone who has tried it. Those Doctors have had their souls taken by Black Devils who come from a Star of Darkness, and their Souls are eaten. There are 82,000 doctors who have lost their Souls this way, trying to prevent the people from getting EXPELLIT.

We will give any one of these errant doctors a prosthetic soul if they would try EXPELLIT, and give it to a patient.

As for the ordinary yakkers who lost their souls to the black Devils, they are murderers like the doctors, only, not professional murderers. These murderers have endeavored to stop EXPELLIT (grazoph temuna) and as a result, sufferers did not get their medicine, got sick and many died. These offenders took it upon themselves to fight the working cure for Alzheimer's and dementias talked themselves and everyone else out of usng my product.

I am a Conscious Master of the Fourth Way lineage (http://autonne.org/wayhow.html) ensconced as a magician in the EIGHT BLUE DOORS (http://www.autonne.org/spiritwar.html) , which is the highest source the USC was able to trace as to who created us. In the EIGHT BLUE DOORS my title is "second to none". All of HEALING REACTIONS formulas are creations of Conscious Masters who are Spirit guided, and these formulations may be regarded as miraculous.

Page title by G. I. Gurdjieff
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