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A psychic herbalist is known as a curandero. A master curandero, such as Daniel Lexington (known as Jauncey Leete in Mexico and New Mexico), the one employed by Healing Reactions, can work wonders with his hyper herbalism. With hundreds of herbs from all over the world at his disposal, he can create unique formulas specifically for you that addresses your body's current singular state. Even if you do not have any specific physical ailment, a Spectral Formula can put you in premium physical health.


A Curandero works on the same principle as a dowser. The Spirit shows the good dowser where water is located and a well is dug there, and water is found. This method produces a much higher success rate than drilling until one finds water. If asked why water is there, the dowser has no answer. It is not a question for the intellect, but for silent knowledge, which makes no answer for the intellect.

A Curandero mixes herbs A Curandero mixes herbs A Curandero mixes herbs A Curandero mixes herbs

Like the dowser, the curandero is shown by Spirit which herbs to use. The Spirit illuminates a jar of a type of herb, and a specific piece, or a specific amount from that jar, that goes into the formula. The Curanderos have the unique skills of forging together a team of herbs to handle a distinct mission. Without Spirit guidance, both the curandero and the dowser would be hopelessly lost. With Spirit, miracles can and do happen. One found the secret and will take it a long way. The most effective curanderos generally come from conscious schools of various genuine esoteric traditions.

The master curandero sythesizes complex neutraceuticals. Almost any special formula you want could possibly be made, just call for it. Spectral Formulas can work wonders for pets and race horses. Spectral Formulas will not interfere with medications or drug tests.

PERSONAL SPECTRAL FORMULA cure took about 10 days to take effect.
I had been feeling badly with what I thought was a bladder infection or maybe a kidney stone.. I was feeling punk and sickly and often in real pain somedays missing work altogether .
Finally today I was able to pass a kidney stone and felt no pain at all while it passed. A true miracle since the previous 3 episodes found me hospitalized and very sick needing surgery the first time and serious pain killers fed intervieniously.
I am greatly relieved and feel that the herbs that I took helped release the stone but also to clean up my system totally. (see pictures)

Comic book author T. Casey Brennan had cancer on nose:






          BEFORE                                                  AFTER 8 Weeks &
                                                               multiple Spectral Formulas

Most clients have been satisfied that they have been provided with help they have received to overcome their health problems. Sick or well, Personal Spectral Formulas put a body in top health.

The curandero requires a photograph of the client to begin work producing neutraceutical regeneration product.








BEFORE                                                  AFTER


This is one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced in my life. These herbs worked together brilliantly to trigger some sort of reaction in my body which was very healing. I guess that's why the company is called healing reactions. It felt as though the herbs told my body to turn on its own natural healing processes and begin healing itself at a rapid rate. Daniel doesn't get the credit he deserves. I had horrible mind poisons which sabotoged all my attempts at self-healing and made me unable to succeed in life. Daniel's herb have significantly reduced my mind poisons and given me greater freedom and an improved state of mind.

Peter had the worst mind poisons of anyone (he had bad mental habits, especially worry) collected in bags on his face. The Curandero gave him all six formulas and the mind poisons were greatly diminished.

Before I took Daniel's formulas, it felt like thousands of needles were stabbing me in the face every day. Now it has been reduced to only about 15 or 20 needles and I recover from bad moods a lot more quickly. I highly recommend this treatment to anyone with unusual headaches. It felt as though hundreds of tiny creatures came and began eating away at the mind poisons.

Peter took PSF which began to repair his brain and body and cleared up at least 50% of his chronic nasal congestion. It also gave him more strength and energy.

I feel a whole lot better now. There were lots of drugs I thought were beneficial until I tried Daniel's formulas but with what Daniel does the ratio of positive effects to side effects is much better than any drug I have tried.

He was bleeding in his urine. He has a tumor on his bladder. The doctors say he will die unless they cut out his bladder and the tumor. This would leave him with an external bag to always carry around for his bladder functions.
His name is Frank Levey, and he has been a carpenter and a breathworker. Frank, 60, has a wife and 2 kids, 11 and 3. So he has a lot to live for.
Fortunately for Frank, his friend Richard, who is good at being healthy, knew of a miracle worker, Daniel Lexington of HEALING REACTIONS, grazoph.com. Daniel is a Fourth Way Master. Richard brought Daniel to meet Frank at WHOLE FOODS in Ann Arbor, Michigan USA.
The first thing I noticed about Frank is that he had terrible Mercury poisoning, said Dniel. I gave hm EXPELLIT (grazoph temuna) and that began to clear out the Mercury. It also stopped the bleeding in his urine.
Next Daniel made Personal Spectral Formula with 44 herbs in it for Frank (http://grazoph.com/selfhealing.shtml). This formula, unique for Frank, is what saved his life. There is no further talk of taking out his bladder or other organs. The PSF cost Frank $675, the discount rate on $2000. The EXPELLIT (grazoph temuna) cost Frank $120 for 2 packs (http://grazoph.com/obtaining.shtml). All Lexington needs to do a personal spectral formula is a photograph of the subject and some telephone time with them.
HEALING REACTIONS has 800 herbs. Frank Levey is Daniel Lexington's third successful Cancer Cure. Personal Spectral Formulas have only better and better feelings - nothing negative like with surgery. With PSFs, Lexington has cured Diabetes, Tuberculosis, blood clotting in the capilaries, Asthma, Kidney Stones, Liver disease, Cancerous Tumors, ALS, Lupis, ugliness, lopsided vision, clogged sinuses, drug test evasion, and many other unexpected things. So far, EXPELLIT (grazoph temuna) has been tried by 500 people for various reasons, 25 cured of Alzheimer's. Additionally, Daniel has standard formula for suppressive stresses of Multiple Sclerosis.



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