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Reports from Grazoph Users

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"I feel uplifted and more together, more alert. It was obvious that some improvement had taken place." - George V., health food store owner

"The Grazoph Temuna formula gave me a heightened overall sensitivity. My eyes, ears, taste and memory are all sharpened. Looking clearer, listening easier, and, as a musician, this is a fantastic help!" - Pat L.

"I liked it. Felt pretty good. Could definitely tell the difference." - Amber G.

"That was pretty good, man. I felt a change as though I had had some really high quality vitamin. Woke up the next day feeling like a million bucks. I feel more relaxed. I don't feel as stressed." - Red

"Grazoph Temuna is a great gift". - Lonnie H.

"You have given me a new lease on life!" - Patty M., New Mexico. Patty had not been able to sweat her whole life until she took Grazoph Temuna. Patty also suffered from capillaries breaking, as shown by bruising all over her body. In her brain these broken capillaries caused headaches. Grazoph reactions cleaned up the spilled blood and ended the headaches.

"I felt some [synonym for excrement] in my system that was being let loose." - John T., who develops photos in darkroom, is exposed to silver nitrates.

"This is good. I'm serious. Everyone should try it. I am a living witness. Thanks to Grazoph Temuna, my cognitive abilities are clearer... Mixing this potent formula with orange juice began my increase of internal energy and neurological stability." - Daniel G.

"I felt pretty nice afterward." - Alan, woodworker

"I came from a heavily polluted area, and I was full of heavy metals. You really have something here with this herbal compound." - Todd E., Los Angeles

"Grazoph rocked my world. I love it." - Chaimer

"Grazoph has helped my clarity in sensing my surroundings. It feels like thinking is easier. The Grazoph process has stripped away the pollutants that have clogged my brain for ages." -Christopher J.

"Grazoph unloaded my excess baggage. The next day I felt great."
- Bruce H., Ann Arbor, Michigan

"...I just felt so relieved afterwards..." - Joe J.

"I liked it. It cleans your braincells, then you feel good." - Bill

"I was a goner with Alzheimer's and Grazoph Temuna brought me back. I
couldn't remember who I was, couldn't remember where I was going, I had to
be led by the hand. Now, the dementia is gone and I'm back with the
family." -Pete F.

"GRAZOPH TEMUNA cured my early stage Alzheimer's and I'm in good health now."
Martin J. 

"'My wife had Alzheimer's, EXPELLIT cleared it all out. " If you want to verify this, call Mel Villalobos at 805-758-1940.

I took grazoph and had a reaction and clearing/cleaning of the crap in my brain. It was wonderful and I felt brightened up.. 
Jay Lefkowitz 248-819-9332

An additional list with contact information of successfully treated people is available to reporters and interested investors upon request.

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