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Since May 2001

Healing agents


When you witness what our herbal compounds can do, you will understand their profit potential and gain confidence in their effectiveness. Our products are far safer and far more effective than anything currently on the market. Because our products are made with edible off-the-shelf ingredients and many people have used them all without problems, they are completely safe. Because these products are quite safe and easy to use with few drug interactions, we envision the day when they can be sold over the counter to millions of average people concerned about healthy living.

One substantial market is China with its significantly lower barriers to entry and much different and more positive acceptance of herbal medicine. A investment in HEALING REACTIONS is more than a lucrative money making venture. It is taking a stand for herbal medicine.

Furthermore, you will greatly help many people who are and will suffer from terrible diseases.

People who invest money, time or eight other share categories are given shares at value $1 at this time. There was recently a four to one stock consolidation. Prior to that shares were .25 each.

These are the current shares:

207,200, with 5000 presently for sale (from former business manager Doug Klimesh) with royalty stream obligations to be negotiated for each of our Curandero's creations. Mr. Lexington has seven other high prospect original formualas to sell. This includes ANTI CANCER FORTIFIERS (which stop cancer from coming, and prevent it from coming back; UNCRIPPLER, which heals Spinal Cord, Vertebrae, for paraplegics and quadraplegics. There is some of this on our shelf should someone need some. There are other high level Curanderos besides Mr. Lexington who are interested in selling their neutracueticals through HEALING REACTIONS.

We are interested in selling almost 98% of ownership to investors. As creators of all time high value, use once and be cured neutracueticals, we value our company at $10 million.

We need this money to buy raw materials and mixing and grinding equipment, money to put out bottles of pills; laboratory equipment, tables, rent, scales, labwear.....


You can go to work for our enterprise for stock and cash, even before big investors come in. We are looking for a few talented people:

1. Intelligent Neutracueticals Mixer, probably a growth-respiratory type idealist, to mix according to exact formula the various products of this company.

2. Business Manager, To handle taxes, accounting, credit card setup on internet, banking, payroll.

3. Marketing Manager, primarily to handle advertising on internet and in print.

4. Herb Buyer.


734-657-2924 (NO MESSAGES NO TEXTS on this phone)

Michigan, USA

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