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Personal Spectral Formulas Instructions
  1. Never share a Personal Spectral Formula made specifically for yourself only. Personal Spectral Formulas are designed to make you feel good. They are not designed to make anyone else feel good. Others cannot have your reactions and feel good, unless they are your twin. Therefore, do not share your formula with anyone.
  2. Mix into something mushy, like mashed potatoes, soups or apple sauce, or stir into juice. The point is to to get it wet in some tasty manner. Herbs are food.
  3. Spectral Formulas can generally be taken at any time.
  4. Formulas delivered as powders will be marked MINIMUM, MEDIUM or MAXIMUM. These are the doses: MINIMUM, start with 1/5 teaspoon, gradually move up to 3/5 teaspoon. MEDIUM, start with 1/2 teaspoon, gradually move up to two teaspoons. MAXIMUM, start with 3/4 teaspoon, gradually move up to one tablespoon. If formula dosage is not labeled consider it MEDIUM. Very healthy persons who are eating very healthy on the whole can handle bigger doses. Personal Spectral Formulas are created for purposes of healing reactions and may make you sleepy as healing reactions take place. If so, take it more slowly or in smaller amounts.
  5. If formulas are packaged in capsules, start with a single capsule per day unless otherwise instructed.
  6. No need to eat this formula when you don't want to. Just be guided by the animal within as to how much your body needs.
  7. These herbal formulas may be taken without reservation no matter what drugs or other dietary supplements one may be on.
  8. Overdose of herbs would be signified either with a light headache or a slight fever. These are combinations of herbs which are active. They are intended to cause a body to undertake healing reactions.
  9. If you have two or more Spectral Formulas, it is best to take them at least an half hour or more apart. In very few cases multiple formulas be taken in close proximity.
  10. The most important thing to remember is mind over matter. Always use your Personal Spectral Formulas with great positive attitude, or, at least think nothing about it. If used with negative thinking, there may be opposite results. The more positive thinking is used, the faster and greater the results will come.
  11. This formula is balanced in uncooked herbs. It can be served in warm food, even hot food, but this formula should not be used in cooking. Do not cook with it. You can, however, request formulas that are appropriate for cooking.

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